About Silky Mat™


Silky Mat™ was founded by "husband-and-wife duo" Vic and Dr. Charity in Durham, North Carolina in October 2022.

Both Plant-Based eaters since 2020, Vic and Charity's goal with Silky Mat is to provide a more sustainable option in every healthy eater's kitchen.

Co-founder with Silky Mat

What is a Silky Mat?

A Silky Mat is a BPA-Free reusable Silicone mat that's food safe. They replace parchment paper and aluminum foil for your baking and air fryer needs.

Less waste makes the world go around.

We've sold over 3,000 Silky Mats so far!

"easy to clean as well"

How is Silky Mat different than the other reusable mats out there?

Our Silky Mats are easier to clean, truly non-stick, and handle temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

Plus, they look great. No other baking mat design looks like our mats. A plus for you!

We're also a #BlackOwned brand based in the USA. This means shipping will arrive fast for USA customers, usually in 3-5 business days.

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