Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the FAQ's below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our email is at the bottom of the page!

Shipping and Delivery

Sometimes, our Silky Mats sell much quicker than anticipated, leaving the item out of stock. If that happens, we will put those Silky Mats up for pre-order until our next round of stock reaches our fulfillment center.

We'll also let you know the estimated (almost exact) date of arrival next to the product.

All orders will then be shipped out to customers on that specified date. If you made a pre-order, you'll get an email notifying that your order has been shipped out for delivery! :)

Once an order is placed, our team will pack your Silky Mat and send it to you within these time frames:

  • Orders made before 12 noon (CST) will send on the same day
  • Orders made after 12 noon (CST) will send the following day
  • Orders made during the weekend (or after 12 noon on any Friday) will send the following Monday

Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to reach you. Your order will be sent via USPS.

As soon as your order is sent, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us, complete with a tracking number, so you follow this Silky journey.

*Please note: If your item has a pre-order date (next to the product), this is the date of dispatch. The delivery timeframe starts from the pre-order date it ships. If there is no date next to the product name, the item is in stock, and you're good to go!

Since we started in the USA, we only ship to USA customers for now. Later on, we will ship to international countries. Stay tuned...

For USA customers, 'shipping standard' fee is free on all orders over $75. For orders under $40, standard shipping between $4.50 - $7.00, depending on the shipping option.

After your order, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with a 'Track Order' button. This will take you directly to the USPS site so you can follow the live tracking updates!

Don't see a tracking number? Your order may be on pre-order, as confirmed on the website at the time of purchase. You won't receive a shipping confirmation email until that date.

Also, if you ordered during the weekend (or after 12 noon central on Friday), you will see an email confirmation the following Monday.

We hate when that happens, right!? There will be times when USPS may delay your order, or your tracking number may show a 'delayed' delivery date.

If your order isn't delivered within 20 days (after your shipping confirmation email), please contact us so we can launch an investigation with USPS.

*Please note: For any issues related to your USPS order, we recommend you first reach out to USPS directly. Sure, this is frustrating, but we're required to work within USPSls processes. Once you've contacted USPS directly, let us know, and we can contact them on your behalf to try and resolve any issues ASAP.

Yes, assuming your order hasn't shipped yet. Simply send us the new details, and we can change this for you!

If your order has been shipped, don't worry! You can still redirect it via the USPS tracking link we provide on your shipping confirmation email.

*However: If you provided an incorrect address, and the package is delivered there, we are unable to retrieve it, nor can we re-send the item(s) for free. So please check your address carefully!

If this is your situation, you will have to either:

  1. Contact the person who received the order and ask if they can send the product to you.
  2. Contact us with your order number, and we'll provide a promo code to re-purchase the Silky Mat(s) at a 50% discount.


Product Questions

A Silky Mat is a non-stick BPA-free silicone baking mat designed as a reusable option to protect your cooking items, such as your baking pan.

For context, a 'baking mat' replaces parchment paper and foil, both single-use items. Baking mats are becoming increasingly popular as a reusable option, but they are all created differently.

Silky Mats are generally easier to clean, stick less, withstand higher temperates at 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celcius), and look GREAT in your kitchen.

**Silky Mats are also a status symbol for healthy eaters. Simply put, if people see you have a Silky Mat, it shows you are a healthy eater!

We get this question a lot, and for a good reason. Nobody wants chemicals in their food!

Our Silky Mats are made of:

  • BPA-Free Silicone (that's food safe), which makes the pan non-stick
  • Fiberglass mesh, which doesn't allow the Silky Mat to tear and evenly dissipates heat across the silicone

That's it.

They can withstand temperatures up to 500° F (260° C) and can be stored in the fridge as low as 0°F (0°C).

We are available every day from 8am - 8pm so you can expect a reply within 24 hours! Best method of contacting us? Via email, which you can access from our contact form.